What are the Seven Essentials?

Have you ever stop to think about the food you are eating?

We never stop to think about the food the eating. We GLANCE over the nutrition label or the ingredients, but never really think if this is something that is good for the body.

We see something one the label “LOW SODIUM” or “50 Calories” and think that is good enough.

We are eating food “LIKE” products today. For example, fast food hamburger “ONLY” contain one to four percent beef. That means that the hamburgers contain ninety-six to ninety-nine percent of fillers.  What are these fillers and how do you think they can sell them for so cheat?

Hamburger are not only food that contain fillers, many of the products we purchase at the grocery store contain fillers, like, MSG and many others.

Because the food industry uses these fillers and/or additives, our food seriously lacks nutrition and let’s not forget the illness the help cause, allergies, digestive, diabetes, liver, skins, weight and a host of many others.

What are the Seven Essentials Missing from Most Foods?

  1. Enzymes —These are necessary for the body to properly digest and utilize food.*
  2. Vitamins (Coenzymes) — Organic vitamins necessary for enzymes to function.*
  3. Trace Minerals ( Cofactors) — Ionic minerals and trace minerals necessary for enzymes to function.*
  4. Protein — Absorbable protein provides the building blocks for the body.*
  5. Essential Oils — Necessary for healthy cell membranes, creation of hormones and proper detoxification.*
  6. Fiber — Helps eliminate toxins.*
  7. Probiotics — Support the immune system and help provide protection from pathogens.*





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