The Hospital, Loved Ones and Waiting for…

Waiting Room Hospital


It’s 2 am and their you are sitting in the Hospital waiting room looking like a homeless
person because those were the only clothes you could find in a moments notice.

Your loved one (wife, husband, mother, father or child) is in the emergency room being
evaluated because they were brought in by an Ambulance. All you know is that they were
complaining of stomach and chest pains.

Like water over Niagara falls the thoughts flow through your mind and just won’t stop…
What if it was a heart attack?

What is they have liver, kidney or some kind of organ failure?

What am I going to to without them?

What if they die?

Why didn’t I say this or that to them.

Why is this happening to me or them?

Why didn’t they take better care of themselves?

I may never hear their voice or see their face again.

How is the family going to handle this?

They will never see their (baby, grandson/daughter,etc) grow up.

The thoughts go on and on and on and on.
You think of all of the things they or you will miss, never getting a chance to say or the
things you will do with them EVER AGAIN.

Hours have gone by and no word about your loved one. You want to ask the receptionist
again, but you have been up there five times already and don’t want to make them mad at

The thought of not knowing what is happening to your loved one is making you
emotionally and spiritually insane.

You want to help, but you are feeling helpless while pacing back a forth.

With each passing moment your anxiety level is getting higher and higher.

Ever time you see someone with a white coat on you are hoping that they are coming to
see you and give you the news about your loved.

You are totally exhausted from the emotional roller coaster, but yet you can’t sleep, nor
do you want to.

Then you see the Doctor he is coming your way, looking directly at you, your heart is
pounding, you are peeping for the worst, but hoping for the best.

With every step the Doctor takes the feelings get more intense. You can’t tell by the look
on the Doctor’s face.

Then with a somber tone of voice (not a good sign) He introduces himself and starts to tell
Wait for it…


You just read a story that happens hundreds if not thousands a time a day. You just
imagined yourself sitting in a waiting room of a hospital.

You might have picture one of you one family members in the emergency room.

Your thoughts might of been pretty intense.

NOW, I want you to picture yourself in the emergency room and one or many of your
family members are waiting to hear the results of your situation.

That puts things a in a new whole perspective.

Do you really want your family to go through something like that?

My questions to you are this…

When are you going to take your health serious?

When are you going live your dreams?

Now is a perfect time.

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