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The Hospital, Loved Ones and Waiting for…

  It’s 2 am and their you are sitting in the Hospital waiting room looking like a homeless person because those were the only clothes you could find in a moments notice. Your loved one (wife, husband, mother, father or child) is in the emergency room being evaluated because they were brought in by an […more]

Podcast – High Blood Pressure? Episode 1

  To Download File, click here: Help Lower Blood Pressure

The Monsanto Documentary

What are the Seven Essentials?

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Have you ever stop to think about the food you are eating? We never stop to think about the food the eating. We GLANCE over the nutrition label or the ingredients, but never really think if this is something that is good for the body. We see something one the label “LOW SODIUM” or “50 […more]

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High Blood Pressure

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The following recipe helps people lower their high blood pressure.